The World is Beautiful


Each and every corner of the world has its own flora that reflects its unique character, while local inhabitants live in symbiosis with nature, getting the best of it… This is why traveling is my passion. A few years ago I started paying attention to the lifestyles of women in different regions of the world. Out of my passion for nature, I started to discover and collect local cosmetic products offering unique properties.
My travels and knowledge of local ingredients inspired me to create the HERLA brand – to get the most valuable elements and combine them together.



Owner – Krystyna Bednarek, President of the Board


Youth Elixir – Dry Oils As A Daily Skin Careroutine

Botanical face oils are real youth elixirs enclosed in small, glass bottles. Even after the first use you will find out about their invaluable care qualities, the application itself will take you into the sensual dimension of skin care. Facial oils referred to as...

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